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Jacqueline Carsanaro – VP at GlaxoSmithKline

Another page about a Carsanaro can be found over here. Jacqueline Carsanaro is a VP at GlaxoSmithKline. It also says that she’s on the board of trustees for the American Thoracic Society. Ms. Carsanaro has over 18 years experience in the field of healthcare. Previously she was an analyst with HP. Sounds like a smart […]

Joseph Carsanaro at Neopatents

Check out Joseph Carsanaro’s bio on the Neopatents website. Neopatents offers services to enable organizations to make strategic, informed decisions regarding intellectual property and patents. Joseph Carsanaro is VP of Operations.

Carsanaro on Mobile and Hearing Aids

From way back in 1997, Joseph Carsanaro talks about wireless phones and hearing aids. Joseph was product director for PCS phones at Ericsson at the time. Joseph Carsanaro on Wireless Phones and Hearing Aids. How much has hearing aid compatibility for mobile phones improved since 1997? You can read more on Wikipedia. –Joseph Carsanaro

Joseph Carsanaro leads F-Origin to $8.5M in venture funding

As CEO of F-Origin, Joseph Carsanaro lead the company to venture funding totaling $8.5M in its series B round. F-Origin is a technology transfer firm with a robust portfolio of touch screen technology. Joseph Carsanaro previously founded Bloodhound Software and worked extensively in the mobile industry.